Sunday, March 25, 2007

SquamyBrew 1st Edition

In an effort to stay modern and relevant is diversifying. 'Custom' is the name of the game nowadays, I've applied it to bikes and now I'm giving it a try with beer. An epiphany at work turned into our first brew in about 2 weeks...pretty good turn around if I dont say so myself. Went with a basic starter kit and for the first brew we just bought a Pale Ale kit to get a feel for ingredients. ('we' = SquamyBrewing LLC. look for it on the NASDAQ under SQBR).
The actual 'first brew' went pretty well, i thought. Considering it was many of ours first foray back into chemistry/biology/cleanliness for a long while. No boil overs or other catastrophies. Transfering the wort to the carboy went well. Hopefully we were as 'clean' as we thought we were...only time will tell.

The picture below is brew day +21 hours.

Here we are at about brew day +45ish hours.

4/12 - Gina and I took another hydrometer reading and it came in at 1.010. I couldnt resist so I drank the beer we used to get the reading. Tasted like good beer gone warm, I was amazed.
alcohol content is a weird thing, the US does it different than everyone else (go figure). we do alcohol by weight and everyone else goes by volume. so right now our beer is 4.31% by weight and 5.49% by volume. typically yeast eating priming sugar will add another .5% during conditioning. which will put us around 4.8% by weight and 5.99% by volume all said and done.

SquamyBrew LLC has a bright future. c'mon


  1. Sam Adams was brewed in the kitchen for a long time...the walpaper in the kitchen fell off and the guys wife left him and took the house...but he got the beer and we all know then end of this fairytale story...not that i think its relevent or similar at all...just a warm story to get ready for the warm buzz of beer in my bellay!

  2. i hope we dont end up pissing foam

  3. no way, we are in good shape. reading forums and hearing other horror stories and some of the stupid stuff other people have done we are in real good shape.

    Everything has been going as it should so far

    (knock on wood)

  4. We are pretty much in the money.... this procedurally is the best brew I have seen done to date.

    As a side note there are brews we can do that require cool basements.

  5. Any new happenings?

  6. primary fermentation is basically over. foam has completely subsided, blowoff tube bubbles once every few seconds or so.

    id say we are straight into the secondary fermentation / conditioning. I was thinking i would let it sit for another 2-3 weeks and then take a hydrometer reading to see where we are at. if that reading looks good then I will take another one the next day to make sure it hasn't changed and then i think we should be about good to prime and bottle

  7. squamywood brewing should wear shades