Saturday, April 28, 2007

And the Huffy Sweepstake winner is....

Brian Moore! (aka Joseph Patrick Moore the Sixth)

There is no before picture because i didnt really change anything. Except for flipping the cruiser bars for that gnarly late 19th early 20th century look. Its an English built Huffy, probably mid to late 60's(?). I rebuilt the headset and the front hub because i think somewhere in this bikes past someone used glue instead of grease, but they are both working great now. This used to be a three speed (Sturmey-Archer rear hub) but it wasnt working right so I took the cable off and now it will just run as a single speed.

Brian will most likely get all the UNH girls while riding this around Durham, it is that bad ass.


  1. holy hell.
    ps. He also drives the bus around the unh campus.

  2. wow where did you find that...that is amazing? No good bikes down here in the garbage this season...