Saturday, March 3, 2007


Finally finished my new race whip this weekend. I am 100% excited to find out how this thing rides. Built it up for just under $800 all said and done. I would spec it out like most people but nothing on this bike matches and much of it is custom rag tag 'frankenbike' built up stuff....The Chopper Reborn.

I think i might post race results and recaps here as well as my projects cause i think the 2-3 people who check this blog will probably enjoy my stories about trying to race a single speed bike (rigid no less) against guys who put, on average, 30-45 minutes into me last year.

Little do they know ive been watching a lot of MacGyver....

**UPDATE: So its been awhile and this bike has changed a bit. This pic sums up all the changes pretty well. Carbon bars and nice cushy Oury Grips to absorb more chatter while I was still riding rigid and the latest addition is a Marzocchi MX Comp 29er Fork....cause one season riding ironman is plenty believe you me. Already cant wait for next year.


  1. looks good, i wanna take it for a spin through fox park, see if i can snap my wrists

  2. yeah i cant wait for my first experience. for some reason i dont think it will be as bad as you are all predicting.

    remember i rode rigid about 6 years ago....mountain dew commercial, waterville...ring a bell? it is possible, only thing is i also remember that day was the reason i decided i HAD to get some suspension. haha but im way more hardcore now.

    on a funny side note the trek 800 from said mountain dew commercial is NOT lost forever. apparently i still have it chilling in storage back in NY. hahah

  3. That thing is huge! Although not core enough...I see you starting the first EFTA unicycle class soon...I'll still be racing fun-class.