Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stretch('s) Limo

Shaun has requested that i bring this behemoth to life so he can cruise the coast of Nantucket by himself and to get to the climb where we are gonna be bike hooligans during the Montreal - Boston Tour....both noble ventures. little does he know i will force him to also ride the mt washington century with me and adam on this bike and we will also go on sweet touring rides around the dirt roads of bridgewater and most likely have a run in with some sweet NH hicks, deliverance style. wicked 12 speeds 4 life.

DUN. Built up for $44...well $43.99 to be exact. Thats $3.66 a speed. Probably will get some upgrades, but thats a pretty cheap/sweet dumpster ride.


  1. please remember to hook up the brakes

  2. we are in luck i have a box of QR SKEWERS in my garage

  3. i also found some tubes that hold air just fine. and the tires are built up now. i didnt have valve covers for the schraeder tubes though so i recommend picking up some bullet ones or maybe the skull and crossbones. dice maybe? your call

  4. hmm looks like dice is the only logical choice
    if your itching to work on this (how could you not be) and dont want to wait for me to buy the needed parts (could take me a while) buy what you need and i'll pay you back (or try to setup a classic barter)