Saturday, February 10, 2007

Piece of Nishiki

Ashland Dump find #1. Metal Pile front and center with my name alllll over it. This bike is pretty much totally thrashed. all the components are pretty much shot....bent crank, seized cables, seat destroyed, wheels pitted with lots of rust damage. The frame however is in wicked nice shape. I will probably have to junk just about everything on this bike except the frame. soooo i think this is going to be an experiment with paint bike. Im gonna try and get real steezy with some rattle cans and then just wait to get parts over time and then build it back up.

I'll have to inspect it more to find out just what kind of Nishiki this is...everything on the frame is worn off except the decals anywhere.


  1. took this apart tonight and i think i am only going to use it for parts and ditch the frame.

    the bottom bracket is in real bad shape and i dont have the tool to remove older shimano BB's and i dont feel like really getting into it.

    most of the parts were thrashed but im using the stem and bars and levers on Stretch(s) Limo and the canti brakes were in decent shape.

  2. i just realized that i pretty much totally contradicted myself on this one. main post says the frame is cool but parts suck then comments are im ditching the frame and keeping some parts.

    little from column A little from column B but long story short is im starting to get picky with what I work on...mainly because the area is getting crowded