Saturday, March 8, 2014

Macho Man Disc: Initial Ride and Review

Filth Prophylactics!

Ok this ride was a tad forced and very messy and it probably would have been a way nicer day to go skiing but I was REALLY wanting to ride a bike and this one in particular and getting my foot into a bike shoe is currently way easier than getting it into a ski boot and cycling is way less impact on my foot as well.

This was a full fledged shakedown ride on just about every front.  New bike build, questionable wrists and foot.  Legs that have been completely dormant for a month and for good measure just coming off a stomach bug.  BIKES!

I was lucky enough to remember that years ago I had bought some clip on fenders for one of my early commuter builds back when we lived in Ashland.  I somehow managed to find them in the shed and slapped them on.  They didn't work as well as full fenders but it was a good thing I put them on or things would have been ridiculous.

I tried to time the ride so that it warmed up a bit so it was a bit more comfortable on the bike but not too much so that our road got soft.  I did an ok job, heading out wasn't too bad but it was getting pretty soft trying to climb back up to the house (which was awesome).

This initial dirt section of the ride was a big part of the test.  To date if I have wanted to ride road I would drive down to Tony's place and park and ride from there on all pavement.  I've really wanted to just be able to leave from the house and do longer rides but never really had an ideal bike for that...UNTIL NOW.  The 25c tires did just fine and the bike handles beautifully.  Stable and comfy even on Sanbornton's 'finest roadways'.

I think I nailed the fit just about perfectly.  Nothing felt out of place and I felt like I had ridden the bike 100 times before.  It felt pretty responsive climbing although I could feel the extra weight (or was that just my horrible legs? hard tellin').  There was a bit more racket from the discs than I would have liked but I think that was due mostly to all the mud and grit early in the ride.

I had no other qualms with the ride.  I've always been a big believer and lover of steel's ride quality and this frame is no different.  Stable but lively.  I really hope I get completely clear of my various joint issues because I really want to ride this bike a lot this year.

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  1. Anonymous3/10/2014

    had no idea you can't even put a ski boot on...damn son. and then i just saw your angry anti-us healthcare tweet...serenity now...