Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Race Schedule

Lets assume I get my health fully on terms for this year.  The race season in New England gets more and more stacked every year.  Nowadays you can easily race every weekend (and burn yourself out by July) if you wanted to and could afford all those reg fees and travel expenses.

It's taken me a while to try and settle on what the hell I'm going to do this year.  Partially because I still don't really know what I'll be physically capable of yet and because I'm trying to balance my own personal goals and schedule with trying to also make sure the team has a good presence at a good amount of races and you really need to lead that charge by example.

I think I do a bit better at the endurance stuff but I'm probably going to be doing a bit more of the XC stuff this year as well because a larger percentage of our racers can/will go to those races so I want to try and coordinate a strong team showing at the summer series races this year.

I'm thinking I'll try and do some XC stuff early on to try and build my fitness back up.  I'll be starting a bit behind due to my lack of doing much of anything this winter.  Then I'll hopefully try a few new (to me) endurance stuff later in the year.

Here is what I'm thinking for 2014:

May 4th - Battle at Burlingame
May 10th - Treasure Valley Rally
May 18th - Willowdale
May 25th - Gnar Weasals or Coyote Hill (haven't decided yet)

June 8th - The Pinnacle
June 20th-22nd - NEMBAfest

July 19th - Carrabassett BC Challenge
July 26th - Meadow View Farm
July 27th - Moody Park

Aug 3rd - VT Ski & Snowboard Epic
Aug 17th - Millstone Grind (Marathon)

Sept 7th - Landmine (Marathon)
Sept 14th - Freetown 50 (Marathon)

This is pretty ambitious as it is but I've purposefully left some gaps for recovery but also hopefully for some epic (non race) rides and maybe some team racing here and there.  Great Glen is a possibility this year as well as Bradbury but I'm only really interested in those if I can get on at least a 3-4 man team.

But who knows I may only be able to handle half of this or maybe I'll want or need some time to just relax this summer. But as of right now I'm feeling pretty ambitious and if I can get my body working again I'm going to be pretty anxious to get back at it.


  1. Anonymous3/04/2014

    wow that's quite the schedule - i liek it.

    I'm interested in all the long format stuff. BC challenge, Millstone, maybe Freetown? In reality, if I do one of these I'll call it a success.


  2. landmine and freetown are close to home for you. Landmine is 50mi at XC race prices. Fun course too.