Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trek Y. Survey says!?...

Gotta make some slight adjustments and tweaks but this thing is going to be DAMN FUN (except when you have to climb a lot).

Things I took away from today's ride:

- 180mm cranks work great on a 29er, not so much on a FS 26er.  Had some serious issues with pedal strike.  Probably going to have to figure out some alternative if I am going to ride this thing somewhat consistently.  I might have something laying around that could work...

- Rear shock needs more air.  Thought I had the sag dialed in correctly (and maybe I do) but I felt like I was riding a bit low.

- Bike is definitely too small for me, it works but I feel pretty scrunched up.  A longer stem would help, I think I am going to see if my layback seatpost will fit for now to get me a bit more reach.  OR I could throw my thudbuster on there.  Suspension seat post on a full suspension bike?  Go big or go home.

- I definitely noticed the increased maneuverability.  When I converted to 29ers exclusively I jumped right in at the beginning of a season so I didn't have a close comparison period.  Its nice to be able to whip the thing around but I still don't think that outweighs the other 29er benefits and I would still prefer a 29er in almost all riding conditions.

- DMR STS works great. I dropped the chain twice but that was due to it stretching considerably towards the end of the ride.  I think if I take one more link out and readjust things it will be good to go.

The weather was phenomenal.  November this year has been quite kind.  Payback for a foot of snow the last weekend in Oct?  Perfect Fall riding weather.  I'd like to get on snow soon but if it stays like this I'm not going to complain.  Tied Matt for the KOM on Mighty the very least I am hoping I'll get one more try to get bragging rights for the off season on that one.


  1. sounds like a success! nice build

  2. MandieLaLa11/22/2011

    Sounds like a fun bike. Nice work Doctor! I can't believe this November weather either, every weekend so far has been so warm and perfect for riding!