Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Sick

I was really sick this morning and decided to stay home from work to get some rest. Surprisingly, I slept for maybe another 10mins and got up feeling great.  With no plans for the day I decided to check my phone for the snow report from Cannon.  6in overnight on top of 4 from yesterday?! Imagine that!  Seeing as how I had bounced back I decided to go get some pre-Christmas powder.  Seemed like the prudent thing to do.

I had thought this little system coming in was a bit under the radar for the masses but apparently a lot of people read FIS now.  Got crowded fast, more so than on mediocre weekend days.  I got there early enough and was up for first chair though.  Visibility was pretty poor up top.  Made things really interesting early.  You just had to point and go and trust that the force would steer you accordingly.  Worked out all right and the snow was amazing.  Very cushy and bouncy, it almost felt inflated in a way.  Irwin and I took a few warm ups off the Peabody waiting for Bill to get suited up then we did laps off the Front 5.  Visibility was much better over there and there is nothing like ripping those steeps in about 6-8in of powder.

We were even able to duck into Snow Maker's and Whiskey Jar for a run or two.  Still some junk under there but mostly awesome.

Bill's camera is back in effect

Unfortunately all the powder has obscured my purple pants, but I'm over it.  I have been digging this year so far.  No real big epic days yet but this was close and all the other days have been good and its been real consistent.  No wishy-washy thaws and freezes just slowly but surely building up the awesome.  Looking forward to '11

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  1. If it was this good last must have been one of the best days of your life! Cannon looks out of control!