Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gargantubehemega Day on Cannon

In case it is not obvious I made that word up.  Gargantuan, behemoth and mega had a love child on Monday at Cannon.  When all was said and done the resort was claiming 28-31 inches of snow and I shredded every last flake.  Well not really but as much as could be jammed into about 7 hours of non stop riding.

It is really hard to put a day like yesterday into words.  I'm still trying to quantify how big of a deal it is that I was able to take advantage of those conditions.  So many things can conspire to keep you off the mountain that hitting a day like this is really amazing.  I can pretty safely say that I have never skied snow that deep.  I had one pretty big day at the Canyons in '98 but I was only 16-17 and didn't really know quite how to ski stuff like that back then and I'm still not sure that day was 2ft plus.  I doubt that it was.  Making this the deepest most ridiculous day on snow I have ever had.

The snow was so deep that it brought you to a dead stop on anything but the steeper features.  You could easily carve into drifts and disappear, literally.  We lapped the Front 5 all morning for the steeper grades and better visibility.  Easily waist deep all morning and screw face shots, the stuff was flying up and over my head and not because I flipped it up with my tips or purposely hit a drift just the right way...it was everywhere.

We also got a few runs over at Mittersill and one into Kinsman.  Kinsman was a bit gnarly, deep but just deep enough to hide features that you could still hit.  As long as you guessed right it was pretty epic but a few wrong guesses caused some issues but nothing major.  Mittersill was really beyond explanation, I love the terrain over there and you add 2+ft of snow and forget it.  Complete awesome induced brain meltdown.  I think the highlight was probably Candyland.  Its just hard enough to find that most people miss it but accessible enough that you don't waste much time getting to it.  I was able to hit Candyland a few more times today and no one had found it since our runs yesterday and I was the only one in there today.

Not a whole lot more ways to convey the awesome so I'll let some of the pics do the talking.  Per usual they don't do the day complete justice...no way pics are going to come out perfect in a blizzard and extreme props to Bill for even trying to get some.  It was cold and taking a glove off for some pics would not have been high on my list.

 I think this is one of the best shots for actually showing some of the depth

 Shredding AKA trying to not get stuck

(i love captions that only two people will understand) 

 Hip-Deep-Hurray for powder!

gonna see a lot of us this season. Ruff Ryders!


  1. three if wally is reading this...lol

    you must have some flawless karma to have these kinds of conditions right when you have the time off to take full advantage of them....hep hep ole boy! must have been amazing.............

  2. Anonymous12/28/2010

    ahhh. i hope you were on the new boards but i think that you were not?

    i was at a rest area near syracuse, go cuse!

  3. nope powder boards are still in the living room. binding order got messed up. they are in now but I can't get them till I get back to work to pick them up from the guy that got me the deal.

    c'est le vive

    aint no thang though, the nothin but troubles cannot be stopped you can only hope to contain them from throwing you off cliffs and erasing your memory.

  4. they truly are.......nothing but trouble.

  5. I am super jealous. I miss that deep powder. Can't wait to see more.