Sunday, November 14, 2010

Page Hill Cross Post

I don't want to double post so I'll mostly just link to my post over at CNH NEMBA.  Been busy at the new Page Hill site the past two weeks.  Been killing two birds as well, getting set for more local mtb options AND getting lots of compass work in wandering around in the woods.  I've gotten pretty good at following bearings in the field using intermediate landmarks and also 'daisy chaining' with other members of a party.  i.e. they walk while you spot the bearing and keep them on line until you barely can see them and then you walk to meet them, rinse and repeat.

Still need to work on pace counting to get better at judging lateral distance as well as get a bit more fine tuned on terrain association.  I can pick out the big stuff but I'd like to get the more subtle stuff as well as get better at really identifying when it comes down to is that this drainage or that drainage type scenario.



  1. these guys are offering a navigation master class in march