Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finding my inner Belgian

I've been getting a decent amount of road miles in lately, not really sure why but I love riding in the Fall and if the weather is good road rides are great because they get you out in the awesome for a long time and you get all the sweet views and cool Fall breezes.

Friday I was having a real hard time deciding what I was going to do today.  I had a spot to recon for AT skiing this winter, kinda wanted to get back on the MTB, as well as take advantage of the great weather with a long road ride.  I decided on the road ride because Bill was busy and I didn't want to get too removed into the woods solo.

I had mapped out a tentative route Friday afternoon that seemed like it would be pretty cool but I knew there was a small probability of sketch.  I was planning on heading up and over to New Hampton and down to Franklin and then through to Northfield to Belmont and back up and around to Sanbornton.  I had a feeling there were a few spots in Northfield that I may have picked dirt roads but most of the dirt this time of year is rock solid and just as good as some pavement so I figured I would just take it slow.

I was trying to find the "I knew it would be bad..." scene but I couldn't so I went with this.

Beginning of the ride was great, weather was perfect.  Took me a long time to warm up but I got into a groove eventually.  Got through Franklin without issue and hit the first semi decent climb on Pleasant St heading up and out of Franklin.  Hit my first class VI trying to cut over to Northfield.

Luckily it was all down hill and only moderately rocky.  It was fairly short as well, about a quarter mile.  Aint no thang.  Got back rolling through Northfield and hit the second big climb of the day up Bean Hill Rd.  Rode past Highland MTB Park.  Got passed by about 1000 redneck trucks hauling 40lb bikes and somewhat surprisingly they were all very respectful and gave me room and didn't buzz me.  Yeah cyclists sticking together!  Kept on up the hill and never did see the left hander I was planning on.

So I had to connect the dots over some 'rough' terrain on a bike made for smooth pavement.  No problem.  I was actually able to ride a decent portion of it.  I walked some due to fear of flatting...not the kind of place you want to go to the bathroom in Mikey.  Popped out in someones yard on the other side and got back on the road.  Rest of the ride was pretty uneventful.  I ran out of calories around mile 45 so I had to go into damage control to avoid bonking before getting home but it was a pretty sweet ride.  Luckily it all worked out and added some adventure to the mix.

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  1. hahahaha....classic.....sounds like a pretty awesome day