Thursday, September 23, 2010

Or is it?...Yes it is

Well apparently my legs had been hiding somewhere between last Thursday and now. - Last Thursday - Now

I still think I've been faster but I'm not going to scoff at dropping 4+ minutes off my time in just 7 days.  Granted the weather was quite a bit better this time around but not 4mins better.  Bring on the Pinnacle Challenge, I feel like I should probably post a similar time to years past.  I still really want to break that 40min mark on that course though and I'll be burying myself in an attempt.

In AR news I checked out some books on Wilderness Navigation today to start my mental training.  I am rocking:

Wilderness Navigation by Bob & Mike Burns
The Land Navigation Handbook (The Sierra Club Guide to Map, Compass, and GPS) by W.S. Kals
NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Wilderness Navigation by Darran Wells

Just diving into them now so I'm not sure how much I will get from them.  I'm hoping to get terminology down as well as some fundamentals and methodology but it seems to me land nav is one of those things that needs a lot of hands on.  Time to get a compass and try and find some weird ponds in the Pemi wilderness or something...


  1. Nice....good call on the NOLS book...forgot about that

  2. great blog. We are from Brazil and like to ride a bike. congratulations on your blog.
    Hugs from Brazil
    Team off-road bikers

  3. What does BFP stand for?