Friday, September 17, 2010

Fitness is annoying

Well not really.  I think this summer has been kind of interesting for me to gauge and manage what the hell I was doing and I am reaching the frustration point wandering around on my current plateau and looking forward to my yearly reset around this time and starting to focus on a specific goal again.

In the immediate future I am trying for a little mini flash peak of fitness for the Pinnacle Challenge.  I am doing the road leg this year and I'm not in the best roadie shape right now.  I haven't done a lot of high end riding lately and I have two weeks to try and shock my body back into race shape.

Yesterday afternoon I proved that I am in the same shape as I was in April. - April - Sept

Not sure if I'm ok with that.  I think I did peak give or take when I wanted to in July for my tri and I have definitely tailed off going into the end of the year so I guess at least I am still at that base level.  I guess I wouldn't mind if my current level of fitness is my new 'slow'.

I have slowly started to read articles and look for resources for getting my adventure race training going.  I will probably start by just getting ready for the ski season.  Start running again, probably more trail this time around and hauling gear.  I might go a bit Bode and just do yardwork as hard as possible as well haha.  Get back in the gym on my lunch breaks for some circuit training and maybe even the pool as well (I kinda miss swimming, such a good workout in only 20mins).  Every now and then I remember that I am trying to prepare myself for three days of non stop exertion and it makes me laugh.  I am going to have to eat so much food.  Good god.

I'm also looking forward to the mental training needed and I've already found some cool resources online:

Gotta love free e-books, especially ones with a slight military skew.  I like reading about how to read maps and every now and then told to use grazing fire.  If anyone finds good stuff on nav, etc. let me know


  1. DUDE!!! I am extremely pumped for the AR....Since we decided to do this I added some new stuff to my workout (which also helps for ski season)...we should talk soon and both come up with a diverse plan that will make us indestructible....also....this is a cool blog that has some good info

    some good advice on burning poop, mental preparation for survival, navigating w/ stars...etc

  2. hahaha perfect. first post I read:

    got a cut in the wilderness? No problem just shove cobwebs and mushrooms in there. FIXED.