Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cannon Day 1

Yeah Winter! I said I was gonna try and start bringing a camera to the mountain and start documenting some of my time spent on snow when I'm not on a bike, so here we go. I'm probably not going to post up for every single day on snow, especially early season cause its not overly exciting. And this day was no exception. Brutally cold, but the snow was nice and fast and just grippy enough to be workable. We got as much vert as we could handle at that temperature and called it a day.

I already bent one of my new poles a bit, Dustin's feet almost fell off and Joe probably needs to see his chiropractor some more so all in all a very typical day in Franconia Notch State Park.

Dustin's other ski fell off. Not really, but I wish that was true.

Don't let that sun fool you, it wasn't doing its job.

That is the real shape of Dustin's head

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  1. haha...excellent.....one of my toes now has a huge white patch on it