Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Times they are 'a Changin

This morning on my commute in I passed TWO other cyclists on their morning commute. Now while city commuters will be like, BFD I pass like 500 people riding bikes on my commute, this is a pretty big deal up here in Cow Hampshire.

I have seen other riders in the morning but they are always just local cyclists that I know out for a morning ride. I have never seen anyone else on their way to work before. Part of me was pleased that people in the area are finally looking into alternative methods of travel. I think there are a lot of people in the area especially some of my coworkers that live well within a manageable commuting distance but still drive in to work.

Unfortunately part of me was also not pleased when I saw both of these riders. The first individual I came up on was riding on the left hand side of the road. Seriously that is like cycling 101. Consider yourself a car, easy as that. Riding where he was is so dangerous for everyone, I was cringing watching him ride up a small rise to a blind corner in the middle of the left hand lane. Granted N. Ashland Rd. is relatively low traffic and the speed limit was 30 where he was, but I can guarantee if a car had come around that corner at 30mph he would be dead. I hope hes British for his sake.

Then the next person I came up on was cruising down Rt. 175 not wearing a helmet. I remember back when I was 12 and wearing helmets meant you were not cool and I didn't want to wear one either. But you aren't 12 and not wearing a helmet means you are an idiot.

So yeah...times are changing, people are trying out more sustainable options of a lot of things but in true American fashion not always using their heads. Maybe I should offer a community learning course on the basics of getting to work on a bike....hmmmmmm

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  1. You'll be a local newspaper hero if you do that. So sustainable.

    If you think about it, you really could save the lives of those jokers, wow. Maybe we can give that one dude the 20 year old helmet?