Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Commute...Visually

I had been thinking about doing a little photo essay type documentation of my commute for awhile now and finally got around to it this morning. Couldn't have asked for a better day for it.

I figured I would get both of the gratuitous "I have a camera and I'm on my bike" shots out of the way early. The classic 1st person under the drops perspective. Coming through Ashland first thing as I get started

and the ever popular thats my shadow shot about another 500m (thats right I'm going metric) down the road.

this is the first little "hill" just after passing under I-93. Its a nice little warm up and its good to know I can legally go 50mph up it....just in case I'm feeling real good.

North Ashland Rd. has a great canopy feel in the summer, lots of growth and nice and quiet

There is a much better view from here in the spring before it gets overgrown. That smoke stack to the left of the shot is the Bridgewater Power Plant. They burn cedar wood chips and it smells like bourbon near here when it gets really hot and humid

Shortly after passing the Power Plant you come to the home of 'my brother in arms'. I cant believe this picture came out as well as it did cause I was on the move for fear of this man coming out and killing me for taking pictures of his Man Cave. One day I hope to upgrade my 'area' to a cave.

After a nice lazy descent past the Man Cave you hit the major climb of the morning, what I call the Buckaroo Bump. (it passes the Buckaroo Farm, wicked pony rides there) Probably about a 7-8% pitch for maybe 150m or so.

another nice long lazy straight away (tons of traffic eh?)

I very frequently leave early for work and stop at the White Mtn Country Club for a quick 9 with the VP of Student Affairs and the Director of Public Relations. No I don't.

Looking North over I-93. This pic was taken from an economically, environmentally and maybe even ethically superior viewpoint.

One of my coworkers condo. About 2.5 miles from campus and he still drives that truck to work. COME ON!

I have been watching this house be built from the ground up. They started in the Spring and each day I get to see new things completed, it has been really fun to watch it progress.


Rolling into campus.

And that, in a nutshell, is my morning commute.

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  1. i aspire to one day have a man cave and a corvette, that guy is living the high life, sweet commute.