Sunday, January 24, 2016

Manarea Signing Off...

Say it ain't so!

Don't worry I'm not just deleting this and disappearing into the Internet mist. But like many things in nature after awhile things shed their skin and move on.  This blog has been pretty central to all kinds of things I've done over the years but my archive history tells the tale of diminishing posts and in the very recent past I've just completely forgotten to post about certain things that I would definitely have posted about in the past.

In years past I would be thinking about the blog post while I was still doing whatever it was that I was doing. Not sure what has changed. Priorities, time and probably just a desire to mix things up a bit.

So mix things I shall.  I'll still blog about bike racing.  That content will be moving to my team blog at:

For a long time my goals around racing were about constant physical improvement and trying things I wasn't sure I was capable of and while that hasn't exactly changed, getting faster is certainly nice, I'm probably about as fit as I'm genetically predisposed to be and I spend about as much time training as I'm prepared to so my priorities are shifting a bit to fun and furthering the NEMBA Racing program.  Blogging there I think will help tremendously with keeping things fresh, leading by example to draw others out, and getting the team more socially active.

As for 'everything else' that has made up this blog, I haven't exactly found a home for everything and maybe some of this stuff won't really get covered as much or as thoroughly but some things will be taking its place as life priorities change and I spend my time doing different things.  I've had an inkling of an idea for awhile that I would like to broaden what I cover and have it really be more of a stream of consciousness type thing but converting Manarea didn't really seem to make sense because it was so concrete and built to be what it was.

Gina has also dabbled in blogging here and there with animal stuff and her photography but nothing has really stuck to date. So in a way we both have found ourselves in similar situations as far as online presence so we have decided to combine forces.  So I'm happy to announce that if you want to continue to track the awesome that is us you can do so at:

We are going to ignore the Ghostbusters and cross our streams of consciousness. Animals, Brewing, Projects, Travel, Parties. A Captain's log of sorts (PUN intended) of our lives.  No real format we can grow out of, just everything going on at the Farm. You should probably follow along...we're pretty cool.

Thanks for following along, see you on the flip side.....

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  1. Anonymous6/14/2016

    Nobody commented here, so I couldn't resist. Things come and go. I took a semi-intentional break from blogging myself, but decided that I actually missed the writing process. The new blog does look good.