Saturday, May 16, 2015

VT Style IPA

I'm actually not sure if there is an official "VT" style of IPA but if there isn't there probably will be soon.  If you travel over/up that way and try any of a number of local breweries IPAs I think you will notice some similarities and an overarching trend.

Those Green Mountain guys and gals LOVE their big and bold punch you in your face floral citrusy hop bombs.  And bless them for it because some of the beer coming out of that region is seriously awesome.

I got the idea to do this batch while hanging out with my bros up at Grandpa Grunts in way northern VT.  I had been working on my gluten-free brew at the time as well as trying some commercial gluten-free beer that weekend.  I had a funny exchange with Dano after he had tried some of one of the gluten free beers I had (it was not very good, I think mine will be better).  Suffice it to say Dano DID NOT like it AT ALL and went on to comment that if he had to go gluten free and had to drink beer like that there was no way he could go on living.

I admired his dedication to the beer that he loves and he now has a reputation (at least with me) of always showing up to wherever hes going with some of the rarest most sought after VT craft brew around.

I crunched some numbers in my head and discovered that if I started another batch shortly after bottling my gluten free beer that I could have my own attempt at a beer Dano is willing to die for ready in time for July 4th and wouldn't you know it...Dano's wedding.

I doubt I'm quite on par with the Alchemist's and the Lawson's of the world but I think this should end up in the ball park.  The aroma and initial punch is certainly going to be serious.  2oz of Citra hops for 10mins at flame out and I'm going to dry hop with 1oz of Cascade and another 1oz of Citra.

Gluten be damned!
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