Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gluten Free Homebrew

For those who don't know yet I'm experimenting with a gluten free existence (well 90/10 give or take if I'm being realistic).  Decided to give it a try based on a bunch of articles I had read of folks suggesting eliminating gluten in an effort to reduce RA symptoms.

I had tried and tried to find every reason to explain RA away since I have been dealing with my myriad of joint issues.  But the issues that have persisted are some of the most classic early warning signs for RA and a whole lot about how my issues have behaved screams of RA.  Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck.

Once I had finally decided to except that there was a decent chance I was dealing with RA the research began.  HOW DO I FIGHT?  Western medicine chooses to go after the immune system with some nasty drugs that won't be finding their way anywhere near my body.  Luckily the internet had some better more natural strategies the most common of which was eliminating gluten from your diet.  So back in December of last year I went for it.

Long story short its been going well so far. I've gotten to experiment with some new foods and it hasn't been too much of a struggle.

I haven't been avoiding beer entirely of late but I have certainly cut back quite a bit.  I've never actually researched how much gluten remains in beer after it is brewed...I probably should.  But gluten free beers are becoming a thing as gluten free diets become more and more trendy so I figured what the hell I'll make a stab at one.

This is actually the first time I've put together a recipe / kit myself choosing my extract and the individual hops and when to add them etc.  I've always just followed directions given up until now.  New territory for me.  Could be disastrous.  Time will tell.

I haven't decided what to call this batch yet.  I almost feel since this is my first truly custom creation I'll need to wait and taste it first.  Here is what I ended up going with:

  • 6lbs White Sorghum Extract
  • 1oz Warrior (60mins)
  • 2oz Cascade (1oz at 15mins, 1oz at 5mins)
  • 1oz Sweet Orange Peel (5mins)
  • 1 cup Maple Syrup (0mins)
White Sorghum is the most common gluten free grain / extract to use with brewing.  At least from what I can tell based on availability.  When making the wort it had a 'unique' color and smell to it.  Not bad per se but different.  I went a bit heavy with higher alpha hops and tried to get strains that trend a bit citrusy.  I've read that sorghum can have a bit of an after taste and the best strategy is to try and hop it away, that is if you like hops.

I do, so I went with Warrior at 60mins to do the brunt of the bittering and then later additions of Cascade to round things out.  I also tried adding some sweet orange peel for some aroma and hopefully some masking of that aftertaste.  And just for shits and giggles a cup of Maple Syrup for a bit of color and body because #NEWENGLAND.  Also toying with adding some more syrup to secondary but that will be a game time decision.

My fingers are crossed.  I think the cards are stacked against me a bit with sorghum but hopefully its at least tolerable.  Maybe serve it with an orange slice you can bite on after each sip in case it really sucks haha.

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