Monday, September 8, 2014

Hoppy Red

Can it be? *insert phoenix metaphor*

Yes its true.  I'm brewing again.  And just in time for #Squamtoberfest.  Gonna be cutting it close with this one, but I'm brewing on a weeknight just to make sure I've got a bit over 4 weeks into this batch before its time to drink.  Should be enough but I usually like to take a bit more time even with kits that claim they are good in 4.

I wanted something simple yet flavorful.  Simple to make the time constraints but flavorful because its basically Fall now and the time for Shandy's has passed (even though that makes me very sad. although in another few years I feel like I will just drink those year round because #yolo).

Sooo I ended up going with a basic Red Ale but with a recipe that is a bit more in the West Coast American tradition.  A bit more body with a nice citrusy hops finish.  Chinook, Perle, Centennial and Cascade hops in this one.  Pretty interesting mix, should make for a nice profile.

Even though its been a while I picked right back up with the process.  Contrary to somewhat popular belief I didn't take this hiatus due to my now accepted British Bitter dud of a batch but more due to hauling around large quantities of liquid and having to twist wrists to dump things out etc. wasn't really doable.

Home Brew Injured Reserve.  Its a thing. Its still not all that easy or pain free but its doable now.  Its good to be back.  I'm thinking about getting another IBA going for winter.  I love me some IBA's.


  1. Anonymous9/10/2014

    Everyone was talking about that dud of a batch at the water cooler and it was trending on Twitter. They said you would never brew again, they said you didn't have the heart...they. were. wrong.