Sunday, February 5, 2012


A ski outing worth blogging about?!  Kinda.  Resort conditions are so-so right now and definitely not worth really shelling out the $$ if needed so to save D-bone and Amanda some money we decided a little AT trip was in order.

Original plan was to check out the Gulf of Slides Trail but there were no tracks heading out that way which caused us to completely miss the turn off the Sherburne Trail and didn't realize it until we were pretty committed.  I need to get up there more often so I have a better mental map of that terrain.  Plus its gorgeous.

We got a nice day for it and conditions were workable.  Little dusting with a mostly manageable crust underneath.  We went a little bit higher than the Hut just to take a look at stuff.  Still pretty sparse up there in spots.  Right now even getting up to the bowls/gulleys is kind of a trick.  Finally got my Black Diamond Factors into their element for the first time and man did they shine.  Walk mode was awesome and they were super comfortable the whole way up.  I really noticed the decrease in weight as well over my old Icons.  Barely had any fatigue at all after the skin up.  Definitely one of my better random gear purchases to date.  Tried out a new GoPro angle with a side mount on my helmet.  I like the perspective and its a pretty comfortable spot for it.  Weight of the camera distributes well and I think its a good mix of showing what I'm doing as well as being able to see terrain features and distance.  Not sure how well it would work in the woods with it sticking off to the side like that but hopefully I'm not getting that close to trees with my head anyway...  Footage was pretty underwhelming but I made a little edit anyway.

No idea why I went with Buddy Holly.

All in all it was a great way to spend the day and we got to stop in at The Moat on the way home for some local brew and eats.  Then we burned Christmas.


  1. werd up! that was a great soon as it snows lets plan something else! btw, the buddy holly was perfect

  2. haahahahahahah I commented solely to say "I've never seen a worse combination of video and music." Guess we all have different taste. haha

    love that picture of us around the fire. Your phone takes killer shots