Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

This is more out of blog withdrawal than anything else.  2012's winter weather hasn't been lending itself to worthy skiing recaps/reports to date.  I've got all these new GoPro bits just waiting to record hijinx from all kinds of angles and we just haven't been able to get into the woods yet.  Such is I suppose I'll try and get myself somewhat organized for the next race season.

Slightly better than tentative schedule for 2012:

  • April 28th - Singlespeed-a-palooza: been on the radar for awhile, seems like an appropriate time to finally do it.
  • May 20th - NECS #1 Weeping Willow: love the course, a top 10 WILL be mine this year.
  • June 3rd - NECS #2 Big Ring Rumpus: maybe. doesn't suit me AT ALL. but a great day of training and real close to home.
  • June 17th - NECS #3 The Pinnacle: c'mon. best course around. I'll be gunning for this one, HARD.
  • July 8th - NECS #4 Moody Park: great course for me...when its dry. fingers crossed.
  • July 22nd - NECS #6 Harding Hill: never love this race but I always seem to show back up...
  • July 28th - SSUSA2012: Hard telling when this race will be back in the area, seems like a "grab the opportunity while it lasts" type moment.
  • August 19th - NH100: A real 100 mile version this year. So scared.
  • September 22nd - Bradbury 12: Another one that has been on the radar for awhile. Plenty of teammates to pick from for a 3 or 4 man team now! 

I'm open to suggestions...what other kind of trouble should I be getting myself into??


  1. Anonymous1/20/2012

    epic! for myself, pending actual calendar availability:
    Bradbury 12


  2. Anonymous1/22/2012

    Looks like we'll have quite a bit of overlap this coming year. I'm considering the NH100 - they still offer the 100km option if you don't want to go the full 100mi. I'm not sure what I want to do yet.
    I have to agree with you on the Pinnacle - that's just a fun course to ride. I'll be posting my planned schedule sometime in the near future but I have a few things to figure out first. Should be fun.

  3. I'll be doing the 100 with you pal. can't wait!

  4. On the real tip, I've been wanting to do a multi-day hiking trip for a couple years now. Maybe we should go together and double blog it?

  5. double blog? you can't cross the streams, didn't you ever watch G-busters?!

    but yeah that sounds good, did you have a locale in mind?

  6. looks good as hell....mmmm 100 miles

  7. no idea dude. I'll have something planned eventually. some route that would knock some 4000 footers down would be the best.