Friday, October 28, 2011

Recap Alert!

Right around this time of year, at least for the last few years I've found myself taking a look back at how the race season went and dropping bombs on weird plans for the coming year.  To date I've tagged sprint triathlons, almost slayed adventure racing only to be derailed by the Universe but the alternative opportunities that presented themselves in AR's absence have been pretty sweet so I'm not complaining.

NEMBA Racing has really come into its own this year and I am pretty motivated to stay heavily involved.  Racing mountain bikes has a whole new aspect to it that makes it even more appealing to focus on now.  I feel like I'm right on the cusp of being pretty fast and with the added motivation and support from a full blown team I think I might be able to make that jump.  I've made continued improvements in my confidence with some of my placings this year and I'm thinking about actually upgrading some of my tech and dropping some weight from the bike for next year to try and give myself some of the advantages everyone else enjoys.  Right now I'm thinking of a nice light carbon fork (I think I'm done with suspension for good) and finally going tubeless with some nice light hoops.

So next year I'll continue to attack the EFTA series looking for yet better results and maybe another top 3 in the overall.  I want a sub 7hr NH100 and I would like to get in a 12 or 24hr now that I can pretty much guarantee I could field a 4 man team without even having to try that hard.  I'm also thinking about making stabs at Singlespeed-a-palooza and I've heard chatter about SSUSA2012 being in VT...might be worth checking out.

I'm also interested in getting some big mile touring rides in next year.  I really liked the challenge and adventure aspect of really big point to point rides.  I'm thinking I'd like to try some sort of multi-day trek I just need to figure out something that makes sense.  I recently found out about these guys,, and I am intrigued by the format.  Only problem now is similar to mountain bike racing 5-6 years ago, I'm the only one I know looking into stuff like this with an appropriate bike ready to go.  I'd settle for a few more big road rides next year, its always fun getting in a few big passes/gaps.

Off season training will be similar to years past, nothing too weird to get ready for tri's or AR just a whole lot of strength training to get ready for skiing and continue to build for next year.  This winter is looking up, already flakes flying as well as whispers of some epic trips in the works.  I'm hoping to increase my number of AT days this year as well as get some ridiculous camera courage with D-Bone and make the stupidest edit ever (pro callout).

It also is appearing like I have to take this blog up a notch.  I have always sort of putzed along but on a recent check of my STATS it appears like I have gotten over 10% of my traffic over the last 5 years in the last month.  (HI EVERYONE!)  Not sure how I take things up a notch, more content? new content? should I buy a domain?


  1. Anonymous10/31/2011

    sick recap and plans for 2012!

    sign me up for all of it.

    the best thing you can do is pump out more awesome content, recaps and video/photos. not sure i would buy a domain, you have a huge archive at this point and redirecting everything will be a pain and you would lose some built up link authority/google love if you do try and move it over.


  2. yeah and I believe is going for $1800 right now so thats not happening haha.

    also gonna be getting some hilarious builds going again soon and I'm going to try and be a bit more detailed in what/how I'm doing stuff.

  3. more pics, more video. take it from someone who writes novels- very few people like reading.

  4. yea man sick down for anything....lets try (again) to get an AR in the mix for next season....advice?...hmmm i think you're right on....keep on keeping on! and remember....GO BIGGER!