Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Long Weekend

**UPDATE** - Here are some pics

Oh good lord.  There is no way I can recap my last 4 days in any sort of manageable bloggular form.  So I'll just let a few pics and the data do the talking.  Started things off with a great NEMBA ride Thursday evening in Concord.

bet you didn't know you could get vert like this in Concord

Natalie dropped Shaun off in Concord, I picked him up and we escaped up to East Burke, VT and the Kingdom Trails for a long weekend.  Shaun and I set up camp at the Burke Mtn. Campground before the rest of the horde arrived.

soon to become canopy village '11

This is where things get a bit too awesome to translate so here is all of my ride data since Thursday:

Even as awesome as all of that was we had to turn things up a notch before heading back to the real world.  Lake Willoughby is basically off the charts and borderline fake in my mind.  Just a little too unique/grand/amazing to truly be real.

I mean c'mon


  1. yea i feel like this whole weekend was a dream

  2. Anonymous7/11/2011

    fill it up again!

    we should really look into a Pisgah we go...


  3. looks pretty epic - that many miles would have kicked my ass

  4. I rode day 3, and I went to a whole new level of pain/mindloss. Jerry played 15 encores. stay tuned, my blog post will be 300 times longer than this with like 900 pictures

  5. Anonymous7/12/2011

    and even more dream like.... free gourmet food from our neighbors :)
    If I could fit this place in my arms I would hug and kiss it a million times!!
    Let's go back in the fall