Monday, June 6, 2011

I heart New England

Seriously.  I've probably said it a few times but daaaaayum is NE awesome.  It's like a 70,000 square mile playground with EVERYTHING.

This past weekend Dustin and I got serious into shredding Pine Hill Park in Rutland, VT.  Second trip back and this time without wet leaves everywhere.  This made things much more awesome and borderline disastrous.  High speeds, ample out now!  I'll let the edit do the talking.  I have a lot of fun every time I ride there, 'nuff said.  Got some great 'looking back at the rider' footage...slight tweak to the angle from last time I tried made all the difference and I think its the perfect perspective for these trails.

We saw some idiots on BMX bikes and a crazy bitter grandma who LOVED crapping on anything you said and directing her rage at the incorrect people.  She was awesome.  She spent a lot of energy trying to reprimand us and another lovely couple for something a stupid kid did and then immediately broke the rules of the park herself before walking off.  I pity you crazy bitter grandma.

Also got to chat again with Michael Smith (the supreme chancellor of Pine Hill) and this week he has 430(!!!!!!!) high school kids building/maintaining the trails there for the entire week.  I can't even imagine what NEMBA could do with that much manpower.  We could rough in 20mi of singletrack at our new spot Page Hill in a day or two let alone a week.  Good Lord.

Speaking of Page Hill, I was messing around in the woods there Sunday getting things started with what hopefully will be our own little local Pine Hill's to dreaming. Check out the details here:


  1. That place looks fantastic! fast and flowy and fun as shit. I will absolutely go there this summer.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I wasn't kidding about working on trails with you at pine hill. Let me know when.

  2. wow that place looks fantastic! very flowy and fast, and from what I can tell, not a lot of uphill. Maybe thats a trick of the camera...
    Can't wait to make my own video there with tons of crotch shots.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to help make trails at pine hill. Let me know.

  3. haha keep commenting with all your various web identities, it makes my blog look very popular.

    I'll let the guy know whose heading up trail operations there that I have a rabid trail beast who is dead set on creating epic single track.

    We have to get things OK'd by land owners before we can move on anything technically, but we already have plans for more so I'll keep you posted.

  4. oh and btw def a trick of the camera. footage of going uphill is really boring hence doesnt make the cut.

    You're always gonna have to work for descents like the ones you're lookin at here. Unless there is a chairlift involved.

  5. haha...hey mike "A Life More Schizophrenic"

    dude the trails you guys are working on look sweet...and i agree NE is amazing....let's get back to PHP with the entire crew soon...maybe even camp somewhere and hit another venue in the same weekend....still get over how awesome that edit came out...nice werk!$$!

  6. ps....I forgot about the pissed off old lady...that was classic..."if you laugh you're only encouraging him!!!!"