Friday, August 27, 2010

This blog is the same every year

and late summer / early fall is when I usually do a short recap on my season and drop some hints as to what I'll be suffering at next year.  Sooooo here we go.

Tri experiment = success.  The swim was obviously iffy but I think I prepared myself well and my overall fitness has definitely benefited.  I plan on continuing to use the pool here at PSU and also continuing to run from time to time as well.  I think in a round about way they help parts of my cycling and I am willing to bet I will also feel some benefits come this winter.

I think all the tri stuff I was doing hurt my high end cycling fitness a bit and I think I have been stronger on the EFTA circuit in years past but that wasn't my goal for this year so I am not too worried about that.  Surprisingly I actually feel pretty strong coming off the 100 and I think if I can keep this going a bit I can try and put up a strong time at the Pinnacle Challenge in early Oct.

I think the Challenge will probably be my last race for 2010.  There is another tri at the end of Sept that I was thinking about but the pool is closed again until Sept 3rd and I feel like I have some really good mtb fitness right now and I think I would prefer to try and build on that instead of changing gears yet again this summer.  We still need to find a female runner for this year.  I have some feelers out and hopefully something will come together soon so we can get registered to defend our title.

Other than that the rest of this year will be hopefully lots of riding for fun (already have some big rides planned that should be very sweet), some work around the house and then gearing up for what will hopefully be a huge winter with lots of AT and other awesome.

THEN starting early next year I will begin training for the next step in my efforts to see what I'm capable of...Adventure racing.

It's been on the radar for quite some time but AR is typically a team event and it has taken me a few years of setting a solid example of suffering and blogging about it to drum up some intensity in the Zoo Fam.  But it looks like next summer I will be taking on the Untamed New England race with D-Bone and JPMV.

3 days in the North Country tackling all kinds of obstacles: trekking, bikes, swims, ropes, paddling, etc.  Non stop, no sleep, lots of trench foot, maybe some hallucinations.  It's all in good fun.  Should be hilarious and don't you worry all the training hijinx and awesome new gear will get posted here.  No idea how exactly I'm going to train for this, I'm sure Dustin has some ideas...

I will also hopefully continue with the NEMBA Racing program next year and do some EFTA races per usual but they will take on more of a training/fun role similar to this year.


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  1. I've got some advanced techniques for AR prep..I'll give you a hint....there will be lots of this on the training agenda.....