Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yeah Running!

Took my first stab at seeing whether or not my body can handle running this afternoon. The jury is still out (i.e. have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow) but the initial results are promising.

I tried about a 5K (ended up being 3.2 miles) from the house out to Collesion Rd. and then back to where the dirt starts, with a cool down walk back up the hill to the house. Perfect little loop for me to test my progress over that distance which is basically the run distance for a Sprint Tri. Like it was meant to be....

Ended up with a time of 24:38. Which I am pretty proud of. I compared that time to the 2009 results of the Black Fly Tri (one I am planning on doing next year) and I would have come in 67th of 314 competitors for the running leg. Granted I was fresh for this run and not two legs into a tri but I bet I would still be in the top 100 range which is actually a bit better than I thought I would be starting from scratch.

This was a decent effort for me, avg heart rate was just about threshold. Definitely wasn't 'race pace' but I doubt I could have gone too much faster at this point without cramping or having some other kind of issue.

So all things considered I think if I get some better shoes and start running a bit more I can get running under my belt no problem. Of course this all depends on my knees. There was some soreness (about as much as expected I guess) but I am hoping better shoes will take care of some of that.

Now I just gotta blow up my floaties and see how fast I can swim!


  1. running will probably be fine for dont weigh a ton so i bet your knees are strong as hell from will definitely help...get some sweet trail runners..i like adidas (i have the kanadias)

    north face makes good stuff too..used to have those as the shit out of your knees/legs after you run for the first few weeks if your shit hurts...and add some weight too, if you feel up to it...i just started doing this again.... put a pack on and throw a bunch of free weights or dumbbells in it with some towels so u dont crush your that for a few weeks and when you run without it after some rest days you're dollah its good training for hiking and backcountry skiing because you'll be wearing a pack then too.

  2. oh...and btw...running almost always never gets fun like biking...well maybe a little but not much...running in the woods is cool...but thats about

  3. im just gonna keep commenting on this all effing day! i like how at around 16 minutes it looks like you threw your garmin straight up in the air and it got momentarily stuck in a 200ft tree...haha

  4. hah! i bought the kanadias this past monday.

    and you need to increase your data analysis skillz, that graph was pace not elevation, so that spike was me slowing way down (when I turned around) not throwing the unit into a tree haha.

  5. LOL...for real...what color? that's 3 for 3 man...matching speed suits, matching m.u.l.e.s and matching shoes...hell yea....and, yea...dont ever let me use the garmin for recon we'll end up in iran

  6. Black/Blue/Gray

    lets wear all three and just run around getting intense

  7. way to have your first experiment in running be a fucking 5k.

    eat shit.