Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1 Part Showing Off, 1 Part Insurance Reasons

So I bought a house recently and some family and friends haven't seen it in all its glory yet and instead of trying to format all the pics and send them around in emails I figured I would just post them all up here in a photo essay of sorts.

So here is our 'Storybook Home' on a fine Spring day:

Thar she blows

Character with a capital 'C'


Old Skool

Lots of perennial landscaping (thanks Maureen!)

S.H.E.D (and pooch)

Entrance to Fern Gulley (aka my soon to be permaculture experiment)

not sure what happend to this picture but I like it

So there you have it. Our little slice of awesome.


  1. Freakin awesome!!! My only question is where is the picture of the Mac Daddy Riding Lawn Mower that you are going to need in order to tame all that land??? Dude, show us your John Deer!!! Love Ya!


  2. i keep forgetting to check your manarea...its glorious.. and your house is sick..you have a mars volta tree on your property...did that cost extra?