Friday, August 8, 2008

Commuting Stats

Figured since I hit a milestone I would post some 'to-date' stats for my commuting this year. A few days ago I rode into work my 50th day since starting on April 7th. Using some rough estimates entered into an online calculator (found here) I figured out some values for what I have saved so far this year:

At the current price of gas ($3.76) I have saved $82.50 since April 7th. and considering gas has been considerably more expensive than that for most of the summer I think I could safely round that up to $100, if not more.

The Echo has not put 433lbs of CO2 into the air that it would have if I had been driving it for those 50 days. That means I have about 19.6% of a Carbon Credit earned so far. Not too shabby.

Not sure how many more days I will get in this year, the original goal was 100 days but that doesn't look to be too realistic at this point, I'm sure I will run out of daylight before I can hit that mark. So the goal has been modified to 1000 miles commuted. I am currently at 700 miles which means I will need another 22 days to hit my mark. I will be cutting it close, but I think I can do it. An 'atypical mole' removed from my leg is keeping me off the bike for a few days as well as some very sketchy flash flooding in the area due to all this rain. But hopefully I will be back racking up days soon.

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  1. nice work, once i hit 100 days ill update you with my world-saving stats