Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Old Ale

I don't know why this beer is called New Old Ale, but I like it because it makes no sense. Easiest way to describe it would be a high gravity brown ale. Newcastle with balls if you will.

The nut brown ale I made for Thanxmas got rave reviews so I am hoping this is right on par with that batch. I am also a big fan of brown ales in general so I have a feeling this might be my favorite batch to date.

Brew day was fairly uneventful, like any other brew day, EXCEPT that Pog dropped by unannounced just in time to add the Belgian Candi Sugars at the end of the boil. I am hoping Pog's magic touch will add that certain...'je ne sais pas'.

This was the first time I got to use those candi sugars. They are added at the end of the boil to give the yeast a little extra super food to boost the alcohol content of the final product. This batch is slated for a Memorial Day release. I would come out now and say there will be a summer kick off event at Squamywood, similar to years past, but we still have a foot of permafrost out back and late May might still feel like winter...but I suppose a snowball fight to kick off summer with some good beer is pretty Gnar too.

pics coming once fermentation kicks off...

brew day +48 hours

*UPDATE*: Bottled. Just in time for Memorial Day...hopefully. Its only two weeks away and usually I like to go with at least 3 for conditioning but this was hanging in secondary for a bit longer than it probably needed to so I think flavors have probably already mellowed and now I just need to get the right carbonation. Naro and I tried this batch a bit with the leftovers from bottling and it is STRONG. consider that your warning.

At SquamyBrew LLC all of our bottling technicians are certified professionals.

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